“Mount Bonnell” long run

I woke at 4 AM. We started at 5 AM from Barton Springs pool. I tried to run slow and steady keeping my heart rate down. We ran to the top of Mount Bonnell and then over to the back side, then again on the return. I completed about 17 miles in 3:10 – quite slow – 11:10/M (this includes water stops). I finished at about 8:20 AM. Afterwards I was tired, and sore. I felt my ankle some of the time. I didn’t really run with anyone. At the end I walked a bit – exhaustion had set in, but I did keep my heart rate down. I put an ice pack on my ankle before driving home. I had to get home to give Kathy the car so I didn’t go in the pool or stay for the potluck. And why do I do this? I’m starting to wonder. Oh wait, because it’s good for me. Yeah, right.

I forgot to turn off the HR recorder until I got home.

Short trail long run

Today was a trail run. This is a recovery week so the run was only 60 minutes. We ran the Barton Creek Greenbelt starting at Spyglass Hill. There were so many people on the trail that several times we had to walk. We ran out and back about 2.5 miles. On the way back I got separated from the group and lost my way. The next thing I noticed was a few of the runners running torward me which meant I was running the wrong way. Whoa! So I turned around and got reoriented and finished the run OK. Afterwards we all stopped at Tacodeli for a few eggs and bacon breakfast soft tacos. In addition I downed three Cokes which tasted so good. The conversation was good and I talked to Ed and John, then Dan and Larry. Unfortunately I left my wallet when I was talking to Dan and Larry. Luckily Dan picked it up for me and later in the afternoon we met and I got it back. I really appreciate having good running friends like him. Thanks so much Dan.

“Strup” long run

Well I did it. We were starting an hour earlier. I went to bed at 9 PM and woke at 3:30 AM before my alarm and laid there until 3:55 when I got up. We started at 5 AM. I finished 18 miles in 3:07:25 or about 10:25/M. I didn’t push it and tried to do it easy and consist. My heartrate was in the 140s most of the time which is good. Afterwards I was one big ball of sweat. I must have drunk 1 gallon of soda or water.

So I’m thinking for Chicago marathon that I’m just going to enjoy myself. No PRs, not fast, just a very long run with 40,000 of my running buddies.

“LAB” long run

The LAB long run where LAB means laboratory was today. It’s a 3.5 mile loop. There were cones every 1/2 mile. We were to run the first loop as warmup, and the next three at MGP, then end with 2 miles of recovery. We started at 6AM. Here are my 1/2 mile splits. At MGP, I should have run 4:15/M. Instead I completed 14 miles in 2:07.02 or 9:04/M which is about right, however, I’m not ready to run 26 miles at that rate since I had to walk a bit at mile 13, and I was exhausted after 14 miles. I mostly walked the two mile recovery.

Dist Time Dist Time
0.5* 4:52.97 1.0* 4:45.72
1.5* 4:34.19 2.0* 4:38.76
2.5* 4:35.09 3.0* 4:23.66
3.5* 4:36.07 4.0 4:16.52
4.5 4:24.39 5.0 4:13.11
5.5 4:17.50 6.0 4:18.50
6.5 4:05.89 7.0 4:23.46
7.5 4:14.00 8.0 4:23.76
8.5 4:12.40 9.0 4:19.64
9.5 4:23.57 10.0 4:11.89
10.5 4:46.49 11.0 4:16.86
11.5 4:32.25 12.0 4:27.55
12.5 4:33.34 13.0 **
13.5 11.26.00 14.0 4:48.53

* warmup
** walked some & also missed cone

Here is my heartrate. I had been running about 30 minutes before I turned it on (oops). It shows that I was maxed out throughout. Then at mile 13 I had to walk, the first big dip. After a few minutes I began running again to the finish. After finishing, the next big dip, I ran about 1/2 mile of the recovery and then walked the rest, the final big dip. As I was walking I turned the monitor off. I wish I could run at this pace or better with a lower heartrate.
Although my fatigue was my major focus, my ankle was still present yet not a big concern. Afterwards I put an ice pack on it and wrapped it with an Ace bandage. It’s hanging in there as another nuisance, but something I try to ignore if I can.

Tomorrow’s long run

Tomorrow is the LAB long run. This means that I’ve got to run 2 miles warm up and 14 miles at MGP. The question is what is my MGP. I’m always trying for 8:30/M, but I think tomorrow I’ll just have to see how it goes. With the heat I assume I’ll not make 8:30M probably more like 9/M. At that latter rate I’ll complete Chicago in just under 4 hours. I’ll keep you posted.

Austin High School straights and curves

Class was over at Austin High School’s track. We ran over from RunTex about 1 1/2 miles. We had to run 2 miles of straights and curves. This means we run the 100 yard straight at our 10K pace (or fast), then the 100 yard curve at a recovery pace (or slow) for a total of 2 per track loop and a total of 8 loops for 2 miles. I’m still unable to catch my breath in this heat. Most people are faster than me and only a few are slower. Typically my straights were 26 seconds and curves 38 seconds. Using the MacMillan calculator the 10K pace would be 8:30/M which should be my marathon Goal Pace (MGP). Once done I ran back slowly to RunTex. I did the best I could. I just can’t go faster anymore. I wonder if it’s now my age or it the typical Austin summer heat. It seems to be my theme this course, that is, everything is so much tougher and I’m trying to relax and enjoy myself.