Short trail long run

Today was a trail run. This is a recovery week so the run was only 60 minutes. We ran the Barton Creek Greenbelt starting at Spyglass Hill. There were so many people on the trail that several times we had to walk. We ran out and back about 2.5 miles. On the way back I got separated from the group and lost my way. The next thing I noticed was a few of the runners running torward me which meant I was running the wrong way. Whoa! So I turned around and got reoriented and finished the run OK. Afterwards we all stopped at Tacodeli for a few eggs and bacon breakfast soft tacos. In addition I downed three Cokes which tasted so good. The conversation was good and I talked to Ed and John, then Dan and Larry. Unfortunately I left my wallet when I was talking to Dan and Larry. Luckily Dan picked it up for me and later in the afternoon we met and I got it back. I really appreciate having good running friends like him. Thanks so much Dan.

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