Tuesday practice

We were to run 400M at 1 mile pace (1:37), 45-60 second rest, 200M as fast, but smooth, and then recovery back to the beginning. We ran about 2 miles from RunTex over to Garner. This was all done on Garner, which has a slight slope downward.

Repeat 400M Time 200M Time
1 1:33.18 43.24
2 1:33.99 44.74
3 1:33.34 43.87
4 1:37.16 44.75
5 1:36.00 45.11

I didn’t have much left, and this was supposed to be an easy workout. I wonder what a tough one would be.

10M Progressive Pace Run

Today we had a 10 mile progressive pace run. This means that we run 10 miles and each one is 15 seconds faster. The last few miles were to be at 10K goal pace. I tried my best, but as we started I felt unable to catch my breath and was huffing and puffing. However at the beginning I matched my expected times. Yet at the end I had nothing left. I need to continue to build up my stamina and endurance.

Mile Expected Time Expected Pace Actual Time Actual Pace
1 0:09:17 9:17 0:09:11.95 9:11.95
2 0:18:19 9:02 0:17:51.35 8:39.40
3 0:27:06 8:47 0:26:39.58 8:48.23
4 0:35:38 8:32 0:35:07.07 8:27.49
5 0:43:55 8:17 0:43:15.26 8:08.19
6 0:51:57 8:02 0:50:47.42 7:22.16
7 0:59:44 7:47 0:58:16.01 7:38.59
8 1:07:16 7:32 (10K) 1:06:03 7:47.97
9 1:14:48 7:32 (10K) 1:14:00 7:56.68
10 1:22:04 7:16 (5K) 1:21:49 7:48.61

Another track workout

Our Tuesday night practice was at the track again, however, this time we were to run at our GOAL pace. Now remember that my goal time was “improved” by the coach, so I was nervous if I could do it. If you look at the times below I did quite well with my actuals versus my expected. Although I couldn’t maintain it, I hope all my times stay the same or get better with practice. More to follow…

Lap Expected Actual
1 – 10K 1:53 1:45.97
2 – 10K 1:53 1:55.47
3 – 10K 1:53 1:53.63
4 – 10K 1:53 1:53.62
5 – 10K 1:53 1:52.53
Recovery 400 3:09.24
0.5 – 5K 0:54 51.48
1.0 – 5K 0:54 53.88
1.5 – 5K 0:54 52.78
2.0 – 5K 0:54 54.47
2.5 – 5K 0:54 51.49
Recovery 400 3:34.52
0.5 – 5K 0:54 52.65
1.0 – 5K 0:54 55.34
1.5 – 5K 0:54 52.75
2.0 – 5K 0:54 52.53
2.5 – 5K 0:54 53.47
Recovery 400 3:36.16
1 – 1M 1:38 1:34.09
Recovery 200 2:36.87
1 – 1M 1:38 1:30.90
Recovery 200

Long run today

We did a 13 mile long run this morning. For a group that’s for 5K (3.1M) and 10K (6.2M) races, doing 13 is a bit more. However, we were to do it easy. So it me took 2:08 to complete and I’m now sore from it. I chatted with various people I would meet up with during the run, but in all cases they would drop back and I would continue on. Afterwards I did stretching and my foot exercises that we must do. On the way home my mouth was very dry and arriving home I guzzled down a bottle of water.

Night practice & morning run

Last night I had practice and then in the morning I was to run 5 miles. I’m finding this hard to do. If I push the evening practice, then I’m still sore the next morning for the daily run. Even though the 5 miles was “easy”, I really felt it today. Even now in the evening I’m a bit stiff. I wonder how this is going to work as the course proceeds. I’ll keep you posted…

Practice was fun

If you like running your fanny off, then I had fun at practice yesterday. We had to run sixteen 200Ms at our 5K pace with a 100M recovery after each. Steve, our coach, gave us a pace time we were to run. I was told to run 59 seconds for a 200M – no more or less. In other words 7:52 per mile. This is what I ran in the Go for the Gold 10K. I ran in a small group of four including Charles and Chad. My times were (51.28, 57.09, 57.13, 56.99, 54.75, 56.09, 55.28, 56.14, 56.89, 53.72, 54.87, 57.00, 54.65, 53.99, 54.22, and 54.74). Their average is 55.3 seconds – not quite 57, but that’s 7:22.4/M. The total time was 24:51.46 or 8:17/M. Not bad and remember it includes the recovery. Oh, one other thing, we had to give our goal times to Steve. Well I did and he took them and said that he felt I could do better. He said that I should strive for 7:16/M for the 5K pace and 7:32/M for the 10K pace. Now that’s something, but at least I can try.

Update: To count the sixteen laps I decided to count in binary with four of my fingers. A folded finger was a zero and an extended finger was a one. It worked swell.

Go for the Gold 10K

I ran my fastest 10K today. I completed it in 48.43.7 or 7:51/M. It was hard, and I’m glad that it’s over. Here is my heart rate.

I also sent my goals for 10K (7:42/M) and 5K (7:26/M) to Steve for the course. Somehow he’ll use all this information to create paces for me. My goal is to complete next year’s marathon in 3:45 or 8:36/M and qualify for the Boston marathon, therefore, my goal paces are based upon the McMillan calculator for that time.

Quality workout

When the coach explained this course he would say “quality workouts”. I really don’t know what “quality” was in tonight’s workout, but it was fun. We warmed up by running to the School for the Deaf track. Then it was four repeats of 1 lap (400) at 5K pace followed by 1/2 lap recovery, two repeats of 2 laps (800) at 10K pace followed by 1 lap recovery, and ending with four repeats of 1 lap at 5K pace followed by 1/2 lap recovery. I timed byself with my watch. My four 400s were 1:45.70, 1:53.39, 1:52.62, and 1:51.34. My 2 800s were 4:08.38, and 3:56.63. My four 400s were 1:47.62, 1:53.52, 1:51.75, and 1:51.00. Working this out and averaging the various results means that my mile is 7:23 for the 5K and 8:05 for the 10K. The 10K race this weekend with be insightful.