Wednesday’s Warhurst part deux


Take two of Warhurst. My previous ones are below so you can compare. So since I was a bit congested I eased up a bit and didn’t push it which shows. So over time as I got warmed up I feel like I did OK if anything a bit too fast – I just don’t have a fine-grain control on my pace. As a comparison if my MGP is 10:46, then my HMGP is 10:14 and 10K is 9:40.

1 Mile 11:10 min.mile - too slow
800 m  10:31 min/mile - too slow
Delta   0:39 min/mile - about right

1 Mile 09:53 min/mile - too fast
800 m  09:08 min/mile - too fast
Delta   0:45 min/mile - a bit big

1 Mile 09:29 min/mile - too fast
800 m  08:22 min/mile - much too fast
Delta   1:07 min/mile - much too big


Today’s 1.5 Marshes


So that was a hard workout this morning. I tried my best to recover on the straights and speed up on the coves. I did it by feel alone so I wasn’t going at my 10K pace (about 10 min/mile), but probably much faster. I measured the distance, time and pace where the distance started at your car and ended at the far end of Tallwood. You can see that the distance was about 1.6 miles (a bit longer than your stated 1.5 miles). The results show that going up hill definitely took longer. I was surprised that the first one was slower than the last one even though on the last one I was totally wiped.


Mile Time Pace
1.59 15:48.0 9:56
1.63 13:45.2 8:26
1.59 15:09.0 9:32

Today’s HMGP & 10K paces


Here are my paces from today’s 1 mile and 800m sections (adjusted for the actual distances). So if my MGP is 11 min/mile then my HMGP should be 10:27 and my 10K time should be 9:53 with a delta of 00:34. So I was going way way too fast – ugh. So I need to view my watch to be able to pull back on the speed. Sorry.

1 Mile 09:12 min/mile
800 m 09:01 min/mile
Delta 00:11 min/mile

1 Mile 08:55 min/mile
800 m 08:44 min/mile
Delta 00:11 min/mile

1 Mile 09:07 min/mile
800 m 08:49 min/mile
Delta 00:18 min/mile



Hi Cindy,

Well I tried to do what you asked. That ucky ol’ Far West hill though took the stuffin’ out of me. Maybe next time we can meet down-low at the Baseball fields on Great Northern and start by running up Steck thereby making us run slower at the start, then run around our typical loops up near Mesa, and finally finish by coming screamin’ down Far West back to the baseball field. Now that would be the right way to use those hills.

So here is the breakdown of my miles from my Garmin… And remember I got lost during mile 4 looking for Greenlawn – sheesh!

Mile Pace
1 11:29
2 11:19
3 10:50
4 10:19
5 10:03
6 10:10
7 10:13
8 09:21
9 09:04 (short, only 0.21)

Overall, I attempted to do it. and until mile 6 & 7 (on that nasty nasty Far West hill) I should be commended (I think) although I finished too fast and should have pulled back on the gas when I got to Mesa for the last mile. Oh, and I appreciate your comment that my form looked better yesterday – That makes we feel better after that person complemented me on my speed walking [on the time trial day].


Lap times – too fast?


For the record, my Garmin posted the following times today for the tempo run. It measured that we ran 2.89 miles total so the last entry below if shorter than a mile.

mile 1 – 9:49
mile 2 – 9.44
mile 3 – 9.22

So all three miles were faster than my mile time from the 2 mile time trial (19:57). Hmmm, what should I read into that? Should I have backed off? Note that my warm up miles were on average 12:30 which is 30 sec slower that my current MGP which seems about right for me – so warm up was OK.


Re: Welcome to the group

Hi Cindy,

See my answers below.


What race are you training for (name, date, distance)? Tentatively Gainesville FL Marathon on Feb 17th, otherwise Austin

Race goal? (ie just to finish your first, a certain time, a certain experience, etc.) Just to finish

What do you want to learn/take away from this group? Being with a group helps me train, nothing more, nothing less. Meet new people and share a common experience. I don’t have anything I want to learn. I’ve gotten slower and slower over the years so adapting to that had been a hard lesson.

How will YOU stay motivated, driven, focused? How can I help facilitate that? I tend to be externally driven, so once I get involved I stay involved – that is, unless my feet fall off or I get seriously injured.

What potential challenges do you face? (ie travel for work/holidays, family obligations, difficulty with early Saturdays, etc) Getting started has been my issue, because of vacation and a last minute business trip. I’m an early riser, so getting to class shouldn’t be a big problem.

Running history: Personal bests/date? This’ll be my 10th marathon. I’ve trained with Team Rogue for a year – intense! Qualified for Boston twice (Austin and CIM) and ran Boston in 2011.

Races in the past year? None.

Most recent training: how many miles per week, how many days per week run? I run 6 days a week. Over the summer I kept it easy with 25 miles a week. I’ve not trained in over a year.

Do you do any type of strength training or other activities? Nope, it’s something I have to work at (not something I enjoy) and only if I’m really focused do I do any strength training

Any recent or chronic injuries? Well my left foot has been irksome sometimes, but nothing else pains me. I have had some medical problems over the past year which was part of the reason I didn’t train.

What other activities (physical sports) do you participate in & plan to continue during the marathon training program. No other sports, that’s why I’m doing this – – to get some exercise.

Re: This week’s workout

Hi Cindy,

I’ve been back since last Thursday night. BTW, I’m following the L2 level. Also I’m a weekday runner so I’m swapping the Sunday run for one on Friday. I thought I better tell you.

I did the 10 mile route this weekend.


This week’s workout


Would you have time to write a very brief agenda for this week’s workout so I can try to do something like it while I’m traveling. For example, do you start with any drills, what type of warmup do you want, what is the main body of the workout (how long, at what pace, how many strides), and is there a cooldown. I see on the “locker room” that it is “6 miles + strides”