Running log week of 2008-10-26

10/26 – Sunday – off
10/27 – Monday – Neighborhood – 6 miles – 60 minutes
10/28 – Tuesday – Class – 5.0 miles – 50 minutes
10/29 – Wednesday – Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
10/30 – Thursday – off (traveling)
10/31 – Friday – off (traveling)
11/01 – Saturday – off (traveling)
Weekly mileage: 11 miles

Austin Marathon last 6 miles Long Run

Today I ran with Terry and Vinkat. We headed from Rogue Equipment north and up the last 6 miles of the Austin Marathon, then we turned around and ran south and down – straight out and back route. We were running 9:00/mile and we completed it in 1:47:22 or 8:55/mile. Sweet. Although at the end I was pushing real hard to finish ahead of everyone else, most of the time I felt good. I was actually running and talking. Again I feel that the weight loss has been a critical component of my physical and mental health. Who would have known it. There is something about the purity of running that got to me today. Just me, my legs and the road – nothing but that. The smooth flow of movement as we headed down Congress as a pack stays with me afterwards now.

IBM Uptown 10K

Matthew and I got up early at 6 AM. We left the house at 6:36. After driving around the block we parked in the IBM parking garage at about 6:50. After a short 1 mile warm-up I visited the bushes and Matthew stretched. We were ready to go. While waiting in the corral I introduced Matthew to some of my running class buddies, Terry, Richard and Kent. Then we were off at 8 AM. The miles went by and I listened to Matthew’s breathing beside me. We had planned to do between 10:00-10:30/mile. We ran though the center of the Domain mall, and all through the IBM site. Although the course seemed relatively flat it subtly rose and fell over the 6.2 miles. Near the end we began to speed up and as we rounded the last curve we could see the finish line in the distance we hustled it. We crossed the finish line in 1:00:45 (my chip time, yesterday night Matthew realized he had left his timing chip back at his home in Bastrop). That’s 9:46/mile – excellent. Plugging that in to the McMillan Running Calculator it said he’d do a 4:45 marathon. Afterwards I learned that Matthew had silently gotten a blister and his head was aching, but we did it. We completed the first race of the Austin 2009 racing season.

Running log week of 2008-10-19

10/19 – Sunday – IBM Uptown 10K – 6.2 miles – 1:00:45
10/20 – Monday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
10/21 – Tuesday – Running class – 5 miles – 50 minutes
10/22 – Wednesday – Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
10/23 – Thursday – Running class – 6 miles – 60 minutes
10/24 – Friday – off
10/25 – Saturday – Long Run (last 6 miles of marathon * 2) – 12 miles – 120 minutes
Weekly mileage: 33.2 miles

Running log week of 2008-10-12

10/12 – Sunday – off
10/13 – Monday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
10/14 – Tuesday – Running class – 4 miles – 40 miles
10/15 – Wednesday – Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
10/16 – Thursday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
10/17 – Friday – off
10/18 – Saturday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
Weekly mileage: 16 miles

Exposition long run

No Celeste today – sigh. She’s busy with her family on Saturday mornings. Before we started the quiet man from India asked if he could run with me and I said sure. His name is Vinkat. However once we started he ran on ahead and left me in the dust which was OK with me. So Terry was there, and we ran together. We also kinda ran with Kent and Aaron – by kinda I mean that at times we were together and other times we would separate. I’m concerned that by running with Terry only and then me not doing the marathon that he’ll not have a running buddy for it. This worries me. Running buddies are very very important to me, and I don’t want to let one down. I think that Terry and I should stick with another group of runners so he has some connection to some other people who will be doing the marathon. I need to talk to him about that in the near future. In any case the long run was long and had lots of rolling ups and downs. I choose not to use any fuel so by the end I was quite depleted. Although I forgot to start my timer I estimated that we completed 12.7 miles in 2:02 or about 9:36/mile which is decent. Afterwards Vinkat came and apologized, but I said that was quite OK and there was no need to apologize. My weight loss is helping me run more comfortably. I’m now down about 12 pounds to 148 which is good. I’ve got to start thinking about core strengthening – need to contact Barb about a 12 week program to see how much it would cost and possibly to try it out on Wednesday and/or Sundays.

Running log week of 2008-10-05

10/05 – Sunday – off
10/06 – Monday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
10/07 – Tuesday – Running class – 5 miles – 50 miles
10/08 – Wednesday – Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
10/09 – Thursday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
10/10 – Friday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
10/11 – Saturday – Long Run (Exposition) – 12.7 – 122 minutes
Weekly mileage: 29.7

South Austin Ramble

Before we took off I met one or two people from my running class. We all commiserated that the “Cruz” kicked our butt. It seems that we were all quite sore afterwards. Ruth even mentioned to me that she has seen my blog. So here’s my shout-out to Ruth – Integrate parts of the Cruz into the weekly workouts from day one [in other words, use the track and do the calisthenics along with elements of the Cruz every 400m] so that when we get to the real Cruz we’ll be able to handle it better. OK, enough said about that. I headed out about 7 AM with Kent, Aaron and Richard from Bobby’s class for the 12-mile South Austin Ramble. There was also a guy from India that’s been running with us, but I don’t know his name. He’s very quiet. Terry is on vacation and Celeste is running a 30K trail race today so both of them weren’t there to run with me. For some reason deep within me I wanted to push this one. Soon the guy from India and I were ahead of most everyone. We got to the 6-mile turn around point at Salem Hill Road, and headed back. It was a nice feeling passing the crowd, but soon we had to wait for a train, and a mile or two later they caught up with us. I was slowing down, and their young legs just seem to do that. So I let the guy from India run on ahead, and soon he was out of sight. I kept up with Kent, Aaron and Richard and we finished in 1:51 or about 9:15 per mile. We were not running at a conversational pace, but sometimes you just have to push it.

Kicking my butt

The running class tonight absolutely kicked my butt. We did a 1.5 miles warm up on the local roads around the Burnet Middle School. Then we did a series of eight stations where a station consists of a calisthenic followed by 100m run to the next station. The eight stations included: 30 jumping jacks, 30 cheerleaders kicks, 10 yard shuttle run x10, 30 second water ski, high knees: 60 total, 10 lunges, 2 times, walk back for recovery, 2 sets of 10 push ups, and 2 sets of 10 crunches. We did this three times. By the time I was done I was cooked, double cooked, double dog-dare-you cooked. My legs were quivering. It’s now been over a hour since class, after a shower, and my leg muscles are still weak. You think that you’re fit, but this just goes to show you that you are not fit at all. OH MY GAWD this was some workout.

P.S. Wednesday: It’s now been 24 hours and I’m still sore. I can barely bend over, sit down, kneel down, or reach up high. I don’t know how everyone else is feeling. Answer from my coach “Would it make it any better to know that Geezer (the other coach) is telling the story about you finishing the pushups during your final 400? Pretty cool.” My response: “I was to do 20 push-ups and I only got 15 done when I was supposed to do them, so on the last lap I stopped and finished the last 5 and then he high-5’ed me”

P.P.S. Totals:
90 jumping jacks,
90 cheerleaders kicks,
30 10-yard shuttle run,
90 water skis,
180 high knees,
60 lunges,
60 push ups,
60 crunches and now I know why I’m so sore.

P.P.P.S Thursday: Still sore, can barely move to sit down, but ran 4 miles slowly this morning with two 500mg Tylenols in my blood stream to help out.

P.P.P.P.S Friday: I’m beginning to come out of my crippling fog. Woohoo. And tomorrow I can re-enter it (actually I doubt this) by running 12 miles.