Running log week of 2009-09-20

09/20 – Sunday – off
09/21 – Monday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
09/22 – Tuesday – Class – 7 miles – 70 minutes
09/23 – Wednesday – Neighborhood Stationary Bike – 4 miles – 40 minutes (no bike)
09/24 – Thursday – Neighborhood – 5 miles – 50 minutes
09/25 – Friday – Neighborhood – 8 miles – 80 minutes
09/26 – Saturday – off (traveling to CT & NY)
Weekly mileage: 28 miles

Eastside 10 miler

Woke up at 4:15 AM to drop off my daughter at the airport. Arrived back home at 5:20 AM and got another 40 minutes of sleep – nice! Waking at my normal Saturday run 6 AM, getting out the door at 6:30 AM, and arriving at Rogue at 6:50 AM – all was fine with the world. Off on our run with Chris and Philip from our Tuesday night class. We chatted a bit, but I drifted ahead of them. Soon I was on my own ’til I caught up with Richard, who I ran with last year. Richard is much faster than me, but he was taking it easy today – thanks so much Richard. We also met Howard and talked a while with him. Sounded like a neat guy, a tri-athlete, but soon he had to drop off. Once Richard and I got to Speedway and the downhill 2 miles back to Rogue we were flying. But the coach says that we gotta keep it conversational so I chatted about stuff, and Richard listened to help pass the time. We returned back to Rogue completing 10 miles in 1:28 (88 minutes) or 8:48 per mile. For me this was fast, screeching fast, because this summer I was doing 1:43 for 10. However today I was not overly worn-out or breathing hard. Does that mean I didn’t over do it? I hope so. I’m trying to follow the program of keeping it easy.

Eastside 10 Trip Ticket

Note: The one posted at Rogue had errors, or maybe I’ve got errors and theirs is correct – the telling will be tomorrow morn
Start at Rogue
Left onto 5th St
Left onto Comal St
Left onto East 11th St
Immediate right on Angelina St
Veer Right on Comal St
Right on Manor Rd
Left on Lafayette Ave
Right on Edgewood Ave
Left on French Place St
Becomes Kem Ramble
Becomes East 37th St
Right on East 34th St
Left on Cherrywood Rd
Bend right on Wilshire Blvd.
Left onto Crestwood Rd
Left on Airport Blvd
Immediate left on Parkwood Rd
Right onto Ardenwood Rd
Left on Bradwood Rd
Right at Wrightwood
Becomes Ashwood Rd
Right on Maplewood Rd
Right onto East 38th . St
Left onto Lafayette Ave
Right onto Edgewood Ave
Left onto Dancy St
Right onto East 32nd St
Left at I-35 Frontage Rd
Continue on 32nd St
Right on Duval St
Left on East 35th St
Left on Speedway
Left on East 31st St
Right on Speedway
Continue on Congress
Left around the Capitol
Continue on Congress
Left on East 4th St
Cross under I-35
Right on East 5th St
End at Rogue

Running log week of 2009-09-13

09/13 – Sunday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
09/14 – Monday – Neighborhood – 4 miles – 40 minutes
09/15 – Tuesday – Class – 6.3 miles – 63 minutes
09/16 – Wednesday – Neighborhood + Stationary Bike – 4 miles – 40+30 minutes
09/17 – Thursday – Neighborhood – 5 miles – 50 minutes
09/18 – Friday – off
09/19 – Saturday – Eastside (w/ Richard) – 10 miles – 88 minutes (fast!)
Weekly mileage: 33.3 miles

New Shoes

The old ones had about 390 sweaty summer miles on them. There was not much support in the heels any more too. They were soaked after yesterday’s 7 mile class run on Town Lake (I timed the middle miles as I ran with Tom: 8:48, 8:27, 8:34, and was happy to see that I was back in the eights and not dying). So it’s time to unpack the new shoes, another set of Nike Structure Triax, I bought a week or so ago. And time to start counting miles on the new pair.

Goal Creation

Why did you join this class: I joined this class because it is first good exercise, second because it is on Tuesday nights, and third it is nearby, that is, it is convenient.
What would you like to learn more about: I’d like to learn more about how to reduce the stress on my body while maintaining my endurance. I now fear the marathon and how hard it will be especially when I have a goal time. I tend to push myself too hard.
What is your goal: To complete a marathon in under 4 hours.
How realistic is it? What are some obstacles that might arise: I have completed 6 marathons so completing it is not the issue. I have also finished two in under 4 hours so the time is not totally impossible. However, as I continue to age I have less endurance.
Come up with a few intermediary goals that we could check off in 2 weeks, then four weeks: I’m going to need so help with these. Whereas with other runners over the running season they tend to improve dramatically with the conditioning I tend not to vary as much. Maybe it has something to do with my age. So to set some goals is good, but just what exactly they should be I need to talk to the coach.
Who’s going to help you stay focused: Staying focused has never been a problem. I attend all workouts, do all long runs, and put in the needed time and energy. However, I really don’t have any other people who will assist me in this goal except maybe the staff of the running class, that is, my coach and an acquaintance or two.
What is the ultimate goal: Sorry to repeat myself, but it’s complete a marathon in under 4 hours. Why you ask? Well for my age group this is my Boston qualifying time.

Note: This was done for my marathon training class.

Running log week of 2009-09-06

09/06 – Sunday – Brushy Creek – 8 miles – 73 minutes
09/07 – Monday – off (Austin Tri Volunteer)
09/08 – Tuesday – Class (first one) – 5 miles – 50 minutes
09/09 – Wednesday – Neighborhood + Stationary Bike – 4 miles – 40+30 minutes
09/10 – Thursday – Neighborhood – 5 miles – 50 minutes
09/11 – Friday – off (as required by the class)
09/12 – Saturday – Town Lake – 7 miles – 70 minutes
Weekly mileage: 29 miles

Running log week of 2009-08-30

08/30 – Sunday – off
08/31 – Monday – Neighborhood – 6 miles – 60 minutes
09/01 – Tuesday – Neighborhood – 8 miles – 80 minutes
09/02 – Wednesday – Stationary Bike – 30 minutes
09/03 – Thursday – Neighborhood – 8 miles – 80 minutes
09/04 – Friday – Neighborhood – 6 miles – 60 minutes
09/05 – Saturday – Town Lake (start of marathon class) – 7 miles – 66 minutes
Weekly mileage: 35 miles