Eastside 10 Trip Ticket

Note: The one posted at Rogue had errors, or maybe I’ve got errors and theirs is correct – the telling will be tomorrow morn
Start at Rogue
Left onto 5th St
Left onto Comal St
Left onto East 11th St
Immediate right on Angelina St
Veer Right on Comal St
Right on Manor Rd
Left on Lafayette Ave
Right on Edgewood Ave
Left on French Place St
Becomes Kem Ramble
Becomes East 37th St
Right on East 34th St
Left on Cherrywood Rd
Bend right on Wilshire Blvd.
Left onto Crestwood Rd
Left on Airport Blvd
Immediate left on Parkwood Rd
Right onto Ardenwood Rd
Left on Bradwood Rd
Right at Wrightwood
Becomes Ashwood Rd
Right on Maplewood Rd
Right onto East 38th . St
Left onto Lafayette Ave
Right onto Edgewood Ave
Left onto Dancy St
Right onto East 32nd St
Left at I-35 Frontage Rd
Continue on 32nd St
Right on Duval St
Left on East 35th St
Left on Speedway
Left on East 31st St
Right on Speedway
Continue on Congress
Left around the Capitol
Continue on Congress
Left on East 4th St
Cross under I-35
Right on East 5th St
End at Rogue

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