Wednesday’s Warhurst part deux


Take two of Warhurst. My previous ones are below so you can compare. So since I was a bit congested I eased up a bit and didn’t push it which shows. So over time as I got warmed up I feel like I did OK if anything a bit too fast – I just don’t have a fine-grain control on my pace. As a comparison if my MGP is 10:46, then my HMGP is 10:14 and 10K is 9:40.

1 Mile 11:10 min.mile - too slow
800 m  10:31 min/mile - too slow
Delta   0:39 min/mile - about right

1 Mile 09:53 min/mile - too fast
800 m  09:08 min/mile - too fast
Delta   0:45 min/mile - a bit big

1 Mile 09:29 min/mile - too fast
800 m  08:22 min/mile - much too fast
Delta   1:07 min/mile - much too big


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