10 miler today


So I didn’t push it today since it was recovery, but I tried to be consistent for all the miles – one foot in front of the other [1fifoto] as I say. However, after 10 miles I was starting to feel drained which disappointed me. I was hoping that I’d be better at the end of this short distance. Maybe it was because I didn’t have any fuel or electros during it – just water at the stops. Nevertheless my legs didn’t throb afterwards which is good. So I’ll just keep on keeping on.


P.S. Another speedwalking comment happened, so I’m just going to have to live with it – maybe I should just embrace it and become a speedwalker – HAH!

Mile Pace
01 11:32
02 11:01
03 11:09
04 10:19
05 10:08
06 10:33
07 09:37
08 10:10
09 10:20
10 10:24

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