Today’s 1.5 Marshes


So that was a hard workout this morning. I tried my best to recover on the straights and speed up on the coves. I did it by feel alone so I wasn’t going at my 10K pace (about 10 min/mile), but probably much faster. I measured the distance, time and pace where the distance started at your car and ended at the far end of Tallwood. You can see that the distance was about 1.6 miles (a bit longer than your stated 1.5 miles). The results show that going up hill definitely took longer. I was surprised that the first one was slower than the last one even though on the last one I was totally wiped.


Mile Time Pace
1.59 15:48.0 9:56
1.63 13:45.2 8:26
1.59 15:09.0 9:32

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