Today’s HMGP & 10K paces


Here are my paces from today’s 1 mile and 800m sections (adjusted for the actual distances). So if my MGP is 11 min/mile then my HMGP should be 10:27 and my 10K time should be 9:53 with a delta of 00:34. So I was going way way too fast – ugh. So I need to view my watch to be able to pull back on the speed. Sorry.

1 Mile 09:12 min/mile
800 m 09:01 min/mile
Delta 00:11 min/mile

1 Mile 08:55 min/mile
800 m 08:44 min/mile
Delta 00:11 min/mile

1 Mile 09:07 min/mile
800 m 08:49 min/mile
Delta 00:18 min/mile


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