“Mount Bonnell” long run

I woke at 4 AM. We started at 5 AM from Barton Springs pool. I tried to run slow and steady keeping my heart rate down. We ran to the top of Mount Bonnell and then over to the back side, then again on the return. I completed about 17 miles in 3:10 – quite slow – 11:10/M (this includes water stops). I finished at about 8:20 AM. Afterwards I was tired, and sore. I felt my ankle some of the time. I didn’t really run with anyone. At the end I walked a bit – exhaustion had set in, but I did keep my heart rate down. I put an ice pack on my ankle before driving home. I had to get home to give Kathy the car so I didn’t go in the pool or stay for the potluck. And why do I do this? I’m starting to wonder. Oh wait, because it’s good for me. Yeah, right.

I forgot to turn off the HR recorder until I got home.

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