Austin High School straights and curves

Class was over at Austin High School’s track. We ran over from RunTex about 1 1/2 miles. We had to run 2 miles of straights and curves. This means we run the 100 yard straight at our 10K pace (or fast), then the 100 yard curve at a recovery pace (or slow) for a total of 2 per track loop and a total of 8 loops for 2 miles. I’m still unable to catch my breath in this heat. Most people are faster than me and only a few are slower. Typically my straights were 26 seconds and curves 38 seconds. Using the MacMillan calculator the 10K pace would be 8:30/M which should be my marathon Goal Pace (MGP). Once done I ran back slowly to RunTex. I did the best I could. I just can’t go faster anymore. I wonder if it’s now my age or it the typical Austin summer heat. It seems to be my theme this course, that is, everything is so much tougher and I’m trying to relax and enjoy myself.

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