Need your input – what should my MGP be?


So I have no idea what MGP I should consider as my goal – right now I’m guessing 11min/mile might be about right – but that’s not what I did. Today I decided to push it a little (not a lot though) – in other words, run at a concerted effort right from the start until the end of the MGP. I wasn’t focused on my watch and time per mile at all. So here is what I did for my 16 miles today (see below). After 10 miles I had 2 electrolyte tabs and a Clif shot and I probably should done that earlier (around the 1 mile easy). BTW The final three miles were a struggle, I was all alone (that’s nothing new this year – sigh) listening to my iPod and I had to push myself to get ‘er done. At the end I was fully cooked – I don’t think I could have gone any farther. Yet, I had run a progressive pace for those final 3 miles – go figure. Legs throbbing for about 30 minutes afterwards, but now at home they’re OK.

So my question is… what should my MGP be?


P.S. So it happened again – on the way up Congress a young lady next to me said that I was an excellent speed-walker. I didn’t answer since I was listening to my iPod – that is, I kinda ignored her. I need a snappy comeback. Maybe I should say how her pregnancy makes her glow. Grrrr. I’m sorry that I’m slow and my form is terrible. I’m doing the best I can. At least I’m out there doin’ it. Maybe next week we need to have a very short runner sensitivity speech by Ruth before our long run about this.

01 11:00
02 09:22
03 10:11
3 miles at MGP (first mile includes 20-30 secs time at water stop)
04 10:42
05 10:00
06 09:48
1 mile easy (I did try to slow down a bit)
07 10:31
3 miles at MGP (first mile includes time at water stop)
08 10:06
09 09:34
10 09:54
6 miles (first mile includes big rest talking to Larry at water stop about NYC marathon cancellation)
11 14:56
12 11:39
13 11:04
14 11:24
15 10:36
16 09:49
17 09:06 0.22mi

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