Race Prep 3 – Soul Buster

I’ve been worried about this one. I even took off yesterday in preparation. We were to do a 4 mile warmup, then 5 miles at MGP, then 1/2 mile recovery, then 5 more miles at MGP, then hills and more hills, then the Town Lake Trail, then 6 miles on the S. F. Austin track (2 miles MGP or 9:06min/mile, 2 miles HMGP or 8:42min/mile, 2 miles 10K or 8:13min/mile). Here is what came to pass (courtesy of my Garmin whose accuracy might be suspect): first MGP set: 8:39, 8:51, 8:46, 8:53, 8:43 (too fast); second MGP set: 8:45, 8:53, 9:21(?! Pecos hills maybe), 9:09 (Scenic hills maybe), 8:59 (just right); track MGP miles: 8:49, 8:34 (too fast); track HMGP miles: 8:18, 8:13 (too fast), and track 10K miles: 8:15, 8:09 (just right). So I’ve got to say that I did OK. Sigh. I’ve got to stop worrying! I’m in good shape and what will be will be.

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