Texas Independence Relay

Was away all weekend at the Texas Independence Relay. More to follow…

Update: I drove a borrowed Van filled with stuff down to Gonzales on Friday night. One of the Gonzales people allowed me to stay at their place overnight. I had to get up at 4 AM (reminded me of some of my long run days) for the start of the race. Then I was on the move with my partner Chris, a friend of the race director, for the next 30 hours straight from relay exchange to relay exchange all 40 of them dropping off stuff and help setting them up – yup, no sleep. Finally I arrived at the San Jacinto monument at about 10:00 AM Sunday where a big bash was planned, and so it was. There was even a semi-trailer truck that was a portable pizzeria. I tried to help set up for the party, but I was a brain-dead zombie. So about 1 PM I took a nap until 3 PM when I decided to drive home. By the time I left the park there were thousands of people all over the park including all the teams (about 120 of them with 8-12 people per team), their friends and family, and many volunteers. I arrived back home at 6:30 PM. Needless to say I was in bed by about 9 PM. Wow, what a weekend.

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