Running class dinner

Our running class met this Thursday for dinner. We ate at NXNW which is a microbrewery near to home. Two of my four running buddies were there. Celeste bought me a beer and Glenn told stories about going out too fast. It was fun to recount the experiences of running the marathon with many of them. Each person had a different adventure and fought their own battles. I looked at my time and compared it to the others. Even though I thought I was at the very back of the pack during the marathon, I now see that my time was about in the middle of all the people in my class. It still doesn’t change my mind about retiring from running the marathon though.

time pace
3:40:41 08:25 Robert Williams
4:21:28 09:59 Glenn Kohfield
4:27:22 10:12 Tania Lincoln
4:29:02 10:16 Brad Talkington
4:31:12 10:21 Shambra Speckmiear
4:33:13 10:26 Jay Newman
4:34:56 10:30 Lisa Tsai
4:36:24 10:33 Celeste Domsch
4:38:58 10:39 Christopher Lion
4:39:49 10:41 Heather Mitchell
4:45:05 10:53 Justin Lincoln
4:48:29 11:01 Brian Watt
4:58:40 11:24 Sarah James
5:16:41 12:05 Michael McFarland
5:17:59 12:08 Praveen Nuthulapati
5:25:30 12:25 Aimie Black
5:32:39 12:42 Jan Daley
5:35:02 12:47 Murali Narasimhan
5:40:30 13:00 Tiffany Hepner
5:41:22 13:02 Trisha Porter
5:58:26 13:41 Lorrie Council
6:59:09 16:00 Darshana Gore
3:46:08 08:38 Joe

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