Time trial

First we did our exercises. Then we had to run a 2 mile (8 laps of the track) time trial. I completed it in 15:13 [plugging this into the McMillan calculator it says I could finish the marathon in 4:00:49 at an 9:12 pace – only in my dreams because I’m considering something more like 4:30]. There are about 30 people in my class. I think I was in the top 5 finishers. I had planned on taking it easy, but you know me – when given a challenge I just can’t back down so I ran my “little” butt off. The first mile was 7:14, and the second was 7:59. It took everything I had to run all of it and not drop back into a walk which I thought of countless times as I was struggling to run and breathe. Afterwards I was just dripping in sweat and I had to go to the porta-potty since my system was all stressed out. I know, I know, that’s too much information. As a cool down we ran 2 miles in the neighborhood around Anderson High School. After foot drills, class was over.

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