Ouch! Double Ouch! Triple Ouch!

I slipped and fell while running today. This was no little slide. In the middle of an easy 6 mile run while listening to my iPod I crashed. I was running up a set of wooden ramps. It had been raining so the wood was damp. As I turned right at a corner to go up the next ramp my feet went out from under me. I reached my out to break my fail with my right arm and slammed it down. Yup, directly against my old arthritic right shoulder joint. The pain was instantaneous and severe. Ouch! The agony, the pain, oh my gosh, it was bad. I got to my feet but couldn’t run. The pain was so bad I had to walk. Double Ouch! I held my right arm in place with my left arm like a sling. I could barely breathe. My shoulder was just throbbing and throbbing. Triple Ouch! I walked for several minutes then very slowly ran home. It ached all the way home. Now it continues to ache. I’ve taken Advil twice today to help. I’m using my left arm to move my right. Typing had been difficult. I’m not looking forward to trying to sleep. I hope this doesn’t have any long term repercussions.

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