“12 mile Progressive Pace” long run

Today we were to run 12 miles with each mile being faster that the previous. This is nothing new, I’ve done it many times before. We were to start at our 10K pace plus 2 minutes and 15 seconds which for me now is starting at 10:30/M. Then each mile is to be 15 seconds faster until the last three miles should be: two at 10K pace, and the last one as fast as you can run. Well when I walked out of the house to drive to the start the temperature was hot (about 78 degrees) and very humid. Not good running weather. It was even sprinkling then raining as I drove out of the development and down MoPac. However that all stopped by the time I got there. Nevertheless it was still humid. The first mile was too slow at 11:05 and the next few were too fast at 9:45. By the time I got to the halfway point I was beat and my heart rate shows it. The heat and humidity had gotten to me. So I just decided to run the last half ignoring my pace. Even that was still hard. Halfway back I stopped once for water and a stop light or two, and to walk the last hill. I completed the 12 miles in 1:58:32 or about 9:50/M.

Mile Expected Actual Slow/Fast
1 10:30 11:05 too slow
2 10:15 9:34 too fast
3 10:00 9:35 too fast
4 9:45 9:17 too fast
5 9:30 8:59 too fast
6 9:15 9:22 too slow
7 9:00 10:10 too slow
8 8:45 9:11 too slow
9 8:30 9:20 too slow
10 8:15 9:45 too slow
11 8:15 9:46 too slow
12 FAST 10:12 too slow

This is not very good, but I don’t care and at least I completed it. Afterwards a few of us went to Deep Eddy Pool (a first for me) to cool down in the water and talk, which was nice.

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