5/20 mile 401.9 Lava trail

The day started out rough. I had a 10 mile road walk on asphalt NM-117. Hours and hours of marching along listening to various podcasts. If someone stopped and asked if I wanted to go home, I would have said yes.

Then I finished to Cebolla Alternate and got on the CDT main trail. Instantly I forgot about that awful road walk. I was fully engrossed in hiking through the largest and rockiest lava field I’ve ever encountered. Miles and miles of brutal chunks of rock. The trail was marked by hundreds of cairns. Although it was tough I liked the challenge.

But after so many miles I was glad to transition to Bonita-Zuni Alternate, which is where I’m camping. I found a windmill and tank for water, and then walked about a mile to find a level campsite under a pine tree. I’m cowboy camping tonight.

One thought on “5/20 mile 401.9 Lava trail”

  1. Tartan, as always I am impressed with your progress, especially as I now know how tough it sometimes is to get going day after day even when the weather is not cooperating. Enjoying following your journey and the great photos. Thanks. By the way I met Speedstick a few years ago on the Te Aroroa trail in NewZealand, like yourself she is what New Zealanders call ” a tough cookie”. Safe and happy walking. Papa Kiwi

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