5/19 mile 379.5 Cold night

I was cold overnight. I didn’t sleep well. This morning when I woke my sleeping bag was damp, the inside of my tent was wet and the outside was frosted. Regardless I packed it all up and headed out. I put my wet and sandy tent in the back outside pocket to keep it from soaking my other stuff. Today I wore my down vest and gloves as I started my hike. My hike started on a road, transitioned to a trail and now I’m back on yet another road. Unlike the first road which was dirt and sometimes mucky mud, the latter is NM-117, a real highway. I’ll be hiking about 10 miles on it tomorrow. I’ve been listening to podcasts to help pass time. I’m doing longer miles so that I get to Grants NM in two more days. When I stopped for the day I took out my tent and sleeping bag and dried them off. Right now I’m camped about a tenth of a mile from the highway. I hear the cars, but they shouldn’t be a problem. I’m next to a solar well. When the sun shines, clear beautiful water pours from its supply pipe into a disgusting cattle tank. So I catch it right out of the pipe. So I have water at the start and hopefully water at the end but nothing between. I’ll have to conservative.