2021 CDT Hike

Much like my 2020 CDT Hike Justin offered himself and his Jeep to support me. Initially I thought he would want us to hike together, but we discussed it and he preferred a more “supporting role”. He would again hike to me or with me at times, but most of the time he’d drive his Jeep to meet-up points along the way. Prior to starting the hike he analyzed the trail using various sources such as the CDTC website and the GutHooks app. He found about 50 potential meet-up points. He put together a spreadsheet much like he had done last year.

As soon as I knew I’d be back on trail I started longer daily walks with a weighted vest. I was doing well in my preparations until I pulled a groin muscle which stopped me entirely from preparing for 6 to 8 weeks. However, in time I recovered and finally committed to the hike although I was not as prepared as any of my previous hikes. In other words, there’d be lots of huffing-and-puffing on trail as I got into “trail shape”.

So there is no plan to prepare for my 2021 CDT Section Hike.

2020 CDT Hike

My eldest son phone me a few weeks ago and offered to support me on a section hike. My initial reaction was no. The COVID-19 pandemic was raging. Both my wife and I had been quarantining ourselves for weeks. I especially did not feel comfortable flying. He said he would be willing to drive from his home in California, pick me up here and drive me to the start of my hike. A day later after thinking about it I agreed. It was too late in the season to do a thru-hike. Instead I would section hike from South Pass City WY to Cuba NM where I had left off in 2016. It’s just over 1100 miles. I would be a LASHer, a Long Ass Section Hiker, something I have never done before. Also I would be “supported” meaning I would not have to go to town to buy resupplies. Instead my son would meet me at trailheads along the way in his jeep with supplies to keep me isolated from the communities along the trail. A supported section hike is something I have never done before. This should be interesting.

Since the completion of my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike last year I’ve been doing daily walks around town ranging from a few miles on weekdays to over ten miles on weekends. Upon agreeing to this supported section hike I immediately boosted my mileage and began to wear a 25 lb. weight vest. Nevertheless, I do not feel I’m in the best of shape. The pandemic has caused me to gain weight and I’ve not had enough time to train on flats and hills. Finally I have no plan. Nada! This is nothing like I had done for either the PCT, the previous CDT or the AT. I would have to get my “trail legs” on trail. Part of the reason why I am starting at South Pass City is that the first miles are relatively flat from there to Rawlins, WY.

So there is no plan to prepare for my 2020 CDT Section Hike.

2016 CDT Hike

This is my plan to prepare for my 2016 CDT Thru-Hike: CDTHikePrep