Completion Medal

My sweetheart presented me with a CDT completion medal when I arrived back in Austin on August 29, 2021. This completes my medal collection now with me having one from the PCT, AT and CDT National Scenic Trails.

CDT Medal with the Mexican Flag on the bottom, Canadian Flag on the Top, CDT Trail Marker on the left and Continental Divide Pass Sign on the right. In the center is a scenic landscape of forest and mountains with the CDT trail running across it as a red line.

Daily Log: Day 43

43 2456.1 7/27/2021 smokey, overcast, warm. I woke at about 4:30 and my sore feet were ok. I used the campsite latrine. I was on trail with my slack pack about 5:30. It was mostly a road walk. After a wide field without poles or cairns I came upon Justin. He said he was a mile early because we were to provide Kathy with tech support from Montana. We drove about 5 miles until I got a cell signal. Then I phoned Spectrum tech support. For the next two hours we worked to get both Kathy and my email working. Finally we needed to create new email accounts because the old ones had been deleted with now notification. Grrrr! Then we phoned Kathy and over the next hour we got her working on both her phone and computer. I was exhausted. So I told Justin that I will walk the mile to the original meetup point and go no further. I had dreams about going 20 miles today but the tech stuff had worn me down. IPod stopped by and enjoyed two sodas. Justin is making pancakes and bacon for dinner. IPod is doing his own dinner. I’m planning on slack packing 20 miles tomorrow.

Heading out on my slack pack on a forest road with smoke haze filtering the sunrise
We drove over five miles down the road from the trail to get a cell phone signal. Then after two hours on the phone with Spectrum tech support and another hour with Kathy we got her email working again. But by that time we were exhausted. It sure looks it!

Daily Log: Day 42

42 2440.2 7/26/2021 sunny, hot, cloudy at end. Woke up in the dark but a fullish moon helped me see. I also used my red headlamp. Was on trail about 5:20 am with my headlamp. However in 15 minutes I could see the trail fine. I decided to do all three climbs. They were hard. In the middle I met “Day Late” a SOBO Thru-hiker. On the descent of the last I was up high on a very rocky mountain. It reminded me of the Grand Canyon with a sheer cliff on one side. Carefully I descended. At Upper Seymour I decided to go on and get to Justin in about 6 miles. With only 2 miles to go I met “Windy” another SOBO hiker. When I got to Justin at 5:45 pm he suggested we go 0.4 miles to a campsite. I was beat but did this last little bit too. My feet hurt. Tomorrow is a slack pack of 16 miles with a road walk. It’s late and bedtime.

Although these mountains are steep they are also stunningly beautiful in their majesty
Also although it looks like there are blowdowns blocking the trail, the trail is clear and easy to traverse