Almost down for the count

As my last post said I hurt myself. I pulled a groin muscle and had to stop exercising entirely for 6 weeks. I felt that my hike was kaput. I could barely walk. But over time it began to heal. Then I tried exercising with a 12 lb weight belt. The first few weeks I took Advil each morning beforehand. I was sore. I didn’t know if I could hike. Finally I stopped the Advil but I still had pain, burning and tightness. I was depressed and still it didn’t look like I could hike. But over time the pain and tightness lessened. By the beginning of June I was up to 18 lbs and doing 10-12 miles each day. So although I had wanted to be fitter (going longer with a heavier weight) I am going to attempt this last section from South Pass City WY to the Canadian border. This will probably be the hardest hike I’ve ever done. Justin’s support is crucial. I’ll start slowly. So here goes. I have my flight for June 14 to Salt Lake City where I’ll meet Justin. Then we’ll be off to the races, or more likely off-to-the-slow-and-steady-hike.

3 thoughts on “Almost down for the count”

  1. You can do it! Whoot Whoot! Slow and steady wins the race, you don’t need to be fast because every step is one step less in than the grand total. I love you, HYOH.

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