AMTRAK train home

After what seems like eternity the train arrived. It’s now about 11:30 PM and I learned while waiting it would get here at that time, but would depart at 2:45 AM. I’m hoping I can get on soon and find my Roomette which I’ve learned indeed has a bed. Ahhh, sweet rest is only moments away…

Waiting for the train

So I’m killing time at the San Antonio train station. I’m killing a lot of time. I’ve just killed 1 hour. Only 10 more to go. The only positive thing to look forward to is that I’ve reserved a Roomette. Whatever that is. Maybe it’ll have a bed. Any bed will do. I’m not picky. But I’ll only have it from 2:45 AM to try to sleep so it might be a short lived luxury. Time will tell. Oh, have I told you that I now have on 9 hours and 45 minutes. I can’t wait. Actually I can wait. I must wait. I will wait. Sigh!

Lunch before I leave

My train from Austin at 6:30 PM was canceled. Argh! They phoned and said I could get on in San Antonio. So Kathy and I drove the 90 minutes south to San Antonio after my lunch with my family: Matthew, Katie, and Kathy. The only problem is I’m here waiting at 4 PM and the train arrives at 2:45 AM. Yup, AM. Ugh!