Training again

On January 1, 2021 I started training again around Austin. I’m training for my last 1268-mile section of the Continental Divide Trail from South Pass City WY to the Canadian border. After the last hike and up until then I’d been sedentary. I started with 3.5 miles per day and so far I have built up to 9.1 miles per day. Also I started with 0 weight and have built up to 12 lbs via my weight vest. Each Saturday I do a long hike also with the vest. Today I included hills. From now on I’ll climbed Mount Bonnell on Tuesdays and Ladera Norte on Thursdays. Today I climbed Mount Bonnell 4 times after starting at Mayfield Park. This was followed by a 2.25 mile loop around and down Balcones Drive back to the park. As a result I have a sore left hip which hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

At the summit of Mount Bonnell wearing my weight vest, reflective sash, hat, headphones and buff for COVID-19 pandemic protection although I’m fully vaccinated since February.