5/21 mile 422.2 In Grants NM

Although it was a road walk the canyon I traversed was classic Southwest. Tans, brick reds and mauves were striated in the worn and eroded rock formations.

I pushed to get to Grants NM and with the help of Carole, a local trail angel who drove me, I got checked into the Motel 6 which is a short walk from Walmart where I can resupply shop. While in the motel it was so nice to chat with family on the phone and catch up. After food and a shower I felt like a new man. It’s only a short break as I plan on getting back on trail tomorrow.

One thought on “5/21 mile 422.2 In Grants NM”

  1. To my surprise this morning, arrived this beautiful bouquet of flowers from you. Your note made me cry. Thank you sweetheart! Even better tonight you were able to call us. It was so good catching up. Hang in there- you have the beautiful Rockies ahead of you. We will be here whenever you decide to come home.
    Hugs and Kisses from your home crew and much, much love,
    Katie and your Starr–XOXOXO

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