Daily Log: Day 72

72 2960.5 8/25/2021 clear, sunny, cool to warm. Woke at Many Glacier campground in the hiker area. First was bathroom run to a toilet in the middle of the forest with no walls. Next was pack up. Finally was breakfast with Mio water. My right shoe was hurting so I loosened it. I left and walked toward the trail, but again stopped to adjust my right shoe. I got on trail at 5:55 am with my white rain jacket, red down vest and gloves. The first four miles I zoomed – the effects of Mio. I got to the climb and sent Justin a message. I started, but immediately lost the trail. I crossed a narrow shelf that was only the width of a shoe. I thought “I gotta be careful or I might fall”. Then I got stuck in thick bushes. Where is the gosh darn trail. I scan and saw nothing. Guthooks is having GPS problems and jumping around. So I go back across the narrow ledge. Finally I begin to bushwhack up the side of the mountain. The trails gotta be up there somewhere. My pants were getting soaked. Still no trail. Up farther I go and around some pine trees. Then finally I get up to the trail. Sheesh. Back on trail I climb and climb and climb. It’s about 9:30 when I reach the pass. I get a message from Justin along the way. He’s almost to the chalet too. I get there at 9:45 and he’s there about ten minutes later. Perfect timing! I finish my snack and we’re off to Fifty Mountain. We meet people along the way. Including Snowballs and Caymen again. The sun is out. The hiking is good. Justin talks and keeps me entertained. We get to the campsite about 4:00. Another group of three people is here. We get water and put up our tents. Another twosome: Rick and Sam arrive. Finally Lawrence and Matt arrive. At dinner most people congregate at the food prep area and talk. Justin, my social guy, is entertaining with various stories. Especially one about a weird guy who was there when Justin and Lawrence were getting their permits. Oh another thing about this Tentsite, the toilet has no building around it. It’s a toilet on a concrete pedestal in the middle of the forest. Great scenery from the “throne”! Tomorrow is the last day of my CDT hike. I reach Canada and the monument tomorrow. Katie meets Justin and I there – how sweet is that. I still can’t believe it. 15 miles and I’m done. Triple crown of hiking trails completed. 7825 miles. Wow!  At Fifty Mountain campground.

Hiking in the very early morning with the moon lighting the way. The trail is easy to follow
Near to the first climb’s summit a waterfall cascades down the mountain
Looking back down the valley the Many Glacier campground is miles behind me
After meeting at Granite Park Chalet we hike together towards Fifty Mountain campsite. This included meeting “Snowballs” and “Caymen” just before Fifty Mountain campsite. They however did not plan to stop at this campsite, but rather go on to a further one (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)