Daily Log: Day 71

71 2941.4 8/24/2021 clear, sunny, frost at pass, moderate to cool. Woke around 5 and packed up. Did my toilet and ate breakfast. Packed up a very wet tent and ground cloth. Also packed up a damp sleeping bag. Left the campsite about 6:15 and crossed a suspension bridge to the trail at 6:20. Then it was time to climb. Caught up and passed a few day hikers. Some I chatted with about the CDT. Got to the pass above the misty clouds. Spectacular view. Then on the other side of the pass was a beautiful water falls. Near the end the track got muddy due to horses. For miles I had to negotiate hiking on the left or right of the trail. The trail was trashed with countless hoof marks in sticky gooey mud. Finally I got to Many Glacier and Justin. We immediately dried off my tent, sleeping bag and shoes. Then we went to the lodge for a burger and chicken strips. Tasty! Back to the Jeep for wound care and food for the next (and last) three days. There we met two NOBO thru-hikers, “Snowballs” and “Cayman”. Nice guys. Finally we had pizza, more chicken strips and a beer for dinner. Tomorrow we meet at 10:30 am at the Granite chalet after my 2000’ climb. Justin is coming from Packer’s Roost with a 3000′ climb and me from here. It’s going to be one of the longest and hardest days of hiking and climbing. Wish me luck! I’ll need it. Talk to you tomorrow. Night night. At Many Glacier campground.

Good weather makes all the difference in the world. Although it’s cold and there is frost on the ground I make good progress towards Justin and my meet up at the Granite Park Chalet
Above the mist and in the bright sunlight I can see for miles
At the pass I look back from where I came. Then I turn around ready to begin my descent
Down I go towards on a series of switchbacks in a valley with shear mountain walls and the sound of water falling nearby
I stop for a morning snack and watch the water spill down towards the valley bottom
Using the Jeep as my clothes line. Drying my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, ground cloth, etc. from yesterday’s unexpected rain and hail storm. (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Luckily everything got dried out. And I’m in a very large campground in a spot reserved for hikers. My tent is dry and set up. My sleeping bag is dry. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be good. I am again at peace (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
We had a pizza dinner with beers across from the campground at the Swiftcurrent Inn (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)