Daily Log: Day 68

68 2893.9 8/21/2021 rain rain go away. Left the Lodge about 5:30. I tried to be quiet, but my red light moving around woke Justin. My dry shoes were so tight they hurt my toes. I stopped by the Golf building, took them off and tried to flex them to stop them from crushing my toes. It helped a little, but what really helped was getting on trail and have them again be wet from yesterday’s rain. Oh well, maybe dry shoes was something I didn’t need. The climb was ok. Still no rain, which was good. I climbed into the fog. No views were visible. It got colder and windy as I got higher. Every so often out of the mist you’d see a craggy peak or wall. I got so cold that I hurried on. On the descent the swirling fog and the spectacular views were stunning. The majestic massiveness of the mountains was awesome. Then the rain started. I put on my pack cover and continued down. I passed a few hikers ascending. I also passed a group of four girls, who were ascending and who decided they had enough and turned around. They lacked gloves and they didn’t look prepared for the rain, cold, and wind. Almost to the trailhead I met and chatted with Jim and Jerry, who are two of the “Old Gray Mares’” husbands. Finally in the parking lot was Justin and the Jeep. I could finally get out of the rain and try to warm up. It was around 11 am. He drove me down the road to the Glacier Store where I got two hot chocolate and three egg McMuffin like sandwiches. My shirt was soaked with sweat so I stood in front of the fireplace and tried to dry off. Then we drove back to the trailhead. After discussing my options I decided to leave in the rain around 12:30. Although I got turned around by missing a pedestrian bridge, I finally got on trail and started to gently climb. A cold rain was falling and I had my umbrella up. It took me to 4 pm to do the 7 miles to the campsite. I immediately made dinner to get warmer and so I could hang my bear bag and get into my tent. A group of three other hikers arrived and we chatted. As they went off getting water I hung my bear bag, got my tent up and crawled in. My right ankle is pretty beat up. The Oboz shoes are rubbing my skin raw. I put Bacitracin, gauze and adhesive tape on the three raw spots, because I’m saving my bandages for my wound. My shoes are soaked as are my socks. My leather gloves are soaked. I didn’t use the spare shirt because the shirt I am wearing is dry enough to sleep in. I’m sleeping with my puffy on. Tomorrow should be no rain. I got a lot to carry. And more climbs. At Old Man Lake campground.

On the descent the swirling fog and the spectacular views were stunning. The majestic massiveness of the mountains was awesome.
I’m hiking from East Glacier to Two Medicine Lake that is in the valley far far below
I meet Justin and he takes me to the Park Store. At the Store I gobbled down two hot chocolates and three egg and bacon muffins. I desperately try to dry off and warm up but it’s not happening (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
So back to the trailhead we go. I’m trying to keep myself dry and warm by using my rain jacket, rain pants, and umbrella, but it’s not working either. I’m wet and cold (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Finally I get my wet cold leather gloves on. I’ve got to get moving to get warmer. I have to leave (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Off I go. I only have one big climb and 7 more miles to my “permitted” campsite. As the cold rain pours down on me I keep saying to myself “I gotta do this” (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
I turn left, walk down the road, turn right at the ranger station and leave the warmth and safety of the Jeep and Justin far behind. It takes me to 4 pm to get to Old Man Lake Campsite (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)