Daily Log: Day 67

67 2876.5 8/20/2021 overcast, light rain, cool. Today is a slack pack day. I had only 15 miles, but the trail was heavily overgrown with dense vegetation such that I couldn’t see the trail underneath and it was loaded with water. At the end I was chilled to the bone. Also I talked to Katie by phone while sitting in the Jeep with the heater in full blast sauna-mode. Sadly she won’t be hiking with us, because the border is now open, nevertheless she’ll be hiking in from Waterton Alberta Canada to meet us at the monument. After the call we drove to the Glacier Park Lodge, went to our room, and I immediately took a hot shower to warm my core. Finally I was starting to warm up. The rest of the day was spent planning with Justin and preparing for tomorrow’s hike. So much gear was wet. The room heater was on full helping us dry things. And it worked! We even dried the tent on the room’s porch. We had burgers in town for lunch. We ate in the lodge dining room and had an excellent dinner – one of the best on the trip. I had two desserts as a means of carb overload. Since we got up so early it’s now time for bed. I have less than 100 miles to go. I couldn’t do this without Justin. He’s such a great help. Night night. 

The trail was so very overgrown that I had to take a picture of it. So much so that I couldn’t see the actual trail itself through the growth. I had to assume it was there. Each step I feared that I would stumble on hidden rocks and roots. Each step I had to push ahead against the plant stalks. Each step the dew and rain soaked my pants and shoes. I was chilled to the bone. It was a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. This picture is blurry because my phone was in a plastic Zip Lock bag to protect it
Our view from our porch in the Glacier Park Lodge (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
At the lodge Justin presented me with my Glacier National Park permits. He had spent countless hours preparing and getting them. It was everything that he had hoped for. It allowed me (and at times him) to cross the park to the CDT northern border monument and afterwards exit the park
We had a great dinner at the lodge. Cheers! (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
This included two desserts. Yum! Gotta get those calories in me with all the hiking I’ll be doing.