5/25 mile 507.0 Up high

Most of the day I was on trails which were up high and on the edge of a mesa. I had great views.

This morning when I hoisted my pack my back screamed. It was all the deep chest coughing I did at night that aggravated it. It almost brought tears to my eyes. All I could do was ignore it and hike. This is not fun.

The only good water was 13 miles later. It would take me until after lunch to get there. Although I had enough water to get me there I was dreaming about chugging one of my 0.7L SmartWater bottles with lemonade. Then with a mile to go someone put 15 gallon jugs of fresh pure water under a bush for us CDT hikers. No need to filter. I guzzled down two bottles of lemonade and one of MIO. Then I filled everything up and hiked on. That was amazing, the best! It couldn’t come at a better time.

Finally a sad note… The trail has beaten me. I will be ending my hike when I get to Ghost Ranch and meet up with Cornell and Mary. My sickness and pains has made hiking too difficult. I’m making my miles, but I not having any fun. I did this as a physical challenge and as of now the brutality of this trail has beaten me. I just don’t feel like going on. So once I get to Ghost Ranch and then to Cornell’s I’ll buy a plane ticket and return home.

P.S. Met Shortcut who chatted with me while I lay in my tent. I told him to stay away because of the pestilence that I have. I never saw his face. He told me Masshole, Stummy, and Halfmile were behind me. I haven’t seen anyone for the last four days.

5 thoughts on “5/25 mile 507.0 Up high”

  1. Just read your most recent posts, so sorry about the pestilence (sounds just like our GR5 experience). From the map you’ve made it nearly all the way across New Mexico, but if you’re not having any fun, there’s no point in continuing. Sorry to hear it’s been a struggle. Big hugs, we love you!

  2. Love you, sweetheart–whatever you decide–will be here waiting for you. Kisses, Starr

  3. The trail will be there when you feel better! Wishing you quick recoveries.

    My father shared the link to your blog- your treks are inspiring!

  4. Please do whatever it takes to get well. Jim & I are more than impressed with your accomplishments. Shortbread when you get back to Austin.

  5. So sorry to hear of this Brian. It is good to see you are being sensible. When you get to your stopping point, maybe inquire if there is one of those ‘minute clinics’ nearby. Sometimes they are regular walking clinics. Sometimes they are in a CVS or Walgreens. Maybe you need an antibiotic RX, and it would be good to start on it even before you get home.
    It has been terrific following your story. Take care,

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