5/24 mile 486.0 State of the body

On the second day of this journey the glands in the back of my throat became swollen. Over the next two weeks I felt them whenever I swallowed. However they really didn’t affect my hiking. Then about a week ago my lungs started to get congested and the my glands got better. Now this has affected my hiking. I just can’t get in enough oxygen especially during climbs. All night long I cough and hack trying to clear my lungs. For example today when I stopped for lunch all I did is cough for the first few minutes.

The morning I left PieTown I swung my pack up to my shoulders and pulled a lower back muscle. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it continues. It is further aggravated when I have those deep lung-clearing coughs. It’s just there most of the time, a dull ache.

My feet and blisters have healed enough that I don’t notice them. My hands are better after I put liquid bandage on all the splits.

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  1. Dave and I have been following your journey and know your decision to stop was a difficult one for you to make. You have worked so hard to prepare, mentally and physically, but we feel you are making a prudent decision to listen to your body. More challenges will await you, and we are proud of you.

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