Daily Log: Day 70

70 2926.1 8/23/2021 clear, cool, sunny, rain, hail. I slept well and got up at 5:15. I got on trail about 6:15. However I felt tired. The trail was relatively flat as it went around the lake. The next campsite, Red Eagle Lake Tail, had several bear bags hung. I crossed another suspension bridge which was about a mile down River. I came to a very large lake and began to go down to it. The trail went along it for miles and miles. The trail was very overgrown and slowed me down. Then I got to a water falls and suddenly there were a number of people (tourists!) there. Later I learn that there was a parking lot where they had come from. As I descended I passed more and more people. I was only a mile or so to my campsite when I got to the bottom and the river. Many people were enjoying the natural beauty. Instead of going to the car parking lot the trail turn towards the Reynolds campground. In a few minute I see Justin hiking towards me. Wonderful! He escorted me back to the campsite. He brought me two sodas. I showed him my raw skin and got bandages for it. While we were talking it started to rain a little. This was unexpected. So we put our stuff under a tree. We went to prepare a hot lunch but the rain continued. It wasn’t supposed to rain. So I told him I needed my tent up. As the rain increased I got my once dry tent up but now very damp. He had made me chili-mac. When I returned we ate and he gave me my resupplies. The rain got worse. So I told him I just wanted to crawl in my tent. We said our goodbyes. I was a terrible host but the increasing rain just shocked me. IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO RAIN TODAY! Well after he left it rained and hailed. I’m laying in my tent in my sleeping bag just trying to stay warm. I’m fearing tomorrow and its climb. In time the rain stopped. I got back on my soaked rain gear so I could get water and dinner. I’m was not looking forward to all this work. In the meanwhile another hiker arrived named “All you can eat”. He was friendly and we chatted. He had just come over from Many Glacier and got rained and hailed on. He says tomorrow the InReach forecast is for no rain and also no rain for the next day. I made two dinners to get more calories and keep warm. As I was eating my dessert, a Tootsie Roll Pop, I popped one of my crowns off my back left molar. GREAT! So I put it in my wallet until I return to Austin and my dentist. The rain seems to have stopped. The sun is out but low in the sky. My tent is drying and I’m sitting waiting for it to dry more. It was quite a day.  At Reynolds campground.

After leaving Red Eagle Lake Head campsite I crossed a Suspension bridge across the Red Eagle Creek. Only one hiker can cross at a time. The bridge bounces and sways as you cross requiring you to carefully hold the cable railings. My poles got caught in those same cables too
After walking for miles on an overgrown trail along the side of a lake all by myself I suddenly pop out at a falls and there are tourists everywhere. Somehow I’m back in civilization.
Far below the falls is a bridge, more falls and a stream with more tourists enjoying the natural beauty
Crossing the bridge I hike toward the parking lot, but before reaching it I turn off towards Reynolds campground and meet Justin walking toward me on the trail
Together we walk to Reynolds campsite. To do this we leave the CDT, cross a suspension bridge, turn left and there is the campsite (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Although it’s only been a few days it’s so good to see him. I can relax (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Now back at Reynolds I show Justin my raw skin caused by hiking in the rain and the harsh Oboz shoes. We patch me up with gobs of ointment and numerous bandages as replacement skin.
Unexpectedly it begins to rain. I rush around trying to get my tent set up. I get on my rain gear. All the while it is getting wetter and wetter. I ask Justin to leave so I can focus on getting things done. This was not the day I had planned. WTF! Argh! (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
After Justin quickly leaves I burrow into my sleeping bag into my tent to stay warm. I am shocked that during the rain it begins to hail causing inside condensation to rain down on my bag and me. A wet down sleeping bag is not good. I’m not a happy camper