Daily Log: Day 65

65 2837.5 8/18/2021 cold, wet, misty, foggy. It was a tough day. I was cold, and shivering. The trail was very overgrown. Each plant is loaded with dew or rain drops. My shoes and pants are soaked through and through. I stopped early. My sleeping bag is very damp. My gloves and rain mittens are soaked and can’t be used for keeping my hands warm while sleeping. I’m hunkering down to kill the rest of today in my damp wet tent. Tonight will be a challenge. Tomorrow is a 1500’ climb. I’m planning on going at least 12 miles to a Tentsite shown on Guthooks app. Then it’s a repeat of today – hunker down and try to dry anything and everything out. I hoping that there will be sun. Night night.