Daily Log: Day 47

47 2536.2 7/31/2021 sunny, hot, breeze, clouds. Packed up my new tent easily. On trail at 5:20 with headlamp. Listened to Outlander to help the miles go by. I had many many climbs today. They seemed unending. Water sources were sparse too. Got to one for lunch and one at end of day. I was hoping to camp at the end of day water source but there wasn’t a spot. So I climbed and found a spot among boulders 0.2 mile further. Tent set up well. I tried to nap but no sleep. I stayed in my tent for the rest of the day. I’m starting to organize my tent with my pack and most everything above my head. My shoes are at the other end. I’m filthy and need a shower and laundry but I’m pushing on tomorrow to get more miles done. I will meetup with Justin tomorrow. Chatted with Katie on text messages who did Mt. Charleston. So glad she got to do that – a real hike experience.