Daily Log: Day 16

16 1922.1 6/30/2021 Sunny with white puffy clouds. Although the knoll I was on was windy everything stayed ok all night. The morning was warm there too. I was on trail at 5:30. The first climb was uneventful but there are more than average number of blowdowns to circumvent. I got tired of them real quick. There had been a massive forest fire that instigated these blowdowns. Several horse groups passed me and I got out of their way for them. At one small creek crossing there was mud on the far side. Not thinking I crossed, stepped in the mud and sunk. I pulled my foot out of my shoe but the gaiter keep it attached. I hobbled to the creek side, sat down and took off my shoes. I washed my socks and shoes, and put them back on. What a mess. Later I had to cross the sibling North Buffalo Fork River. No bridge and the current was moving fast. Again it was slow and careful, but my stress was high – did not want to fall. The water depth reached my crotch and the water flow caused my poles to vibrate again. Sheesh! I met three hikers going southbound. Then I had one final climb of the day. Slow and steady I climbed. On the other side was my objective – a creek at mile 1922. Once refilled I found a flat spot right beside the trail. The mosquitoes were swarming so I put up my tent, jumped inside and killed any mosquitoes inside. I was done for the day. But wait. A few minutes later someone outside asked if I was in my tent. I said yes and they asked if I would get out and step away from the trail about 20’. Ok I did that and then as he passed he loudly complained that I put my tent too close to the trail. Since I barely have seen anyone over the past two weeks I ignored it. A few minutes later another group of pack horses. So I got out and moved off. However, this time the second horse and rider got spooked by my tent and his horse turned around. This cause the remaining four pack horse to get detached. These horses went around my tent on the other side – very nearly trampling my tent and equipment. I got back in and tried to relax. Just as I decided I’d move my tent back 15’ off trail yet another set of horses came by. Where the hell are all of them coming from or going to. So I moved my tent, re-killed all the inside mosquitoes and hopefully it’ll be a little less stressful from now on. Naturally no other horses came by after that. What an ending for a day!

After a very stressful fording both the South and the North Buffalo Fork River I looked back to take this movie of the North’s intense current and the fact that luckily I didn’t fall and get swept downstream