Daily Log: Day 14

14 Old CDT Alternative 19.1 6/28/2021 sunny, cool in shade. Woke, packed up and on trail at 5:35. Again it was either swampy meadows or road walks. The second climb I thought might go over a pass but no it climbed up a steep meadow again and again with barely a trail and the ended at a road to be walked down to Justin’s campsite. I arrived about 9:30 am. We chatted for a while, but realized that it was early enough that he could drive me into Dubois WY and we could talk on the way.

During which I learned that he has the entire next 5-6 days planned to get me through Yellowstone and included a hotel stay at Old Faithful Lodge – amazing! The next three days I’ll be solo and he’ll meet me 2 miles outside the park and resupply me. Then we enter together for two days and hike back to the Jeep and stay at the Old Faithful Lodge. Then I hike a long 20 mile “Slackpack” and meet up with Justin. Finally I’m again solo to the next two days when we meet outside the park. Now we just have to execute the plan – ha!

In Dubois we got showers, did laundry, made some calls, did a financial call, had a big lunch, talked to Katie who is preparing for the end – you go girl! and returned to Brooks Lake Campground. We again went over the Yellowstone plans and he give me the permits and day-by-day. The only issue is I’ve now got to carry the bear canister. Ugh! I keep hearing stories about grizzly bears. Double ugh! Back at the campground we did chores and prepared for the next few days. We were so full from lunch all we had were chips and bean dip. Time for bed. Night night.

Road walk heading towards Yellowstone
Wildflowers, luscious greens, big mountains, puffy clouds, and blue skies
Arriving at Brooks Lake Campground I enjoyed sitting in a chair (always a treat for hikers who normally must sit on the ground) and chatting with Justin. The Mexican Coke was a gift from admirers who camped near Justin’s Jeep the day before and heard of my hiking exploits from him (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
In Dubois WY after a shower and enjoying the sun while awaiting our laundry to be dry. Afterwards we had lunch and then returned to Brooks Lake Campground (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Thanks to Justin here is my upcoming Yellowstone permit including a stay at the Old Faithful Lodge on 7/3. I’m especially looking forward to that!
I positioned my tent behind the Jeep. I’m in my tent doing chores to prepare for hiking out very early tomorrow morning (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)