Daily Log: Day 10

10 1831.6 6/24/2021 cloudy, few sprinkles. Woke up to the rush of Elbow Creek and the fact that I’ll have to cross it first thing. Got packed up and was on trail about 5:30. The icy cold creek has a short intro of a side wash. Then I went slowly across the main part facing into the torrent. Step at a time. And I was done. It was up to my knees. My feet were freezing. I re-shortened my poles and took off hiking. I’m pushing to do 19 miles and get to Justin. First is a climb but I’m starting to get used to them. Across a large flatish plan. Then I begin to descend. The scenery is spectacular. I think I’m near the start of the Green River. As I descend more and more that little river becomes a torrent of greenish water. After many switchbacks I meet a trail crew who are building a massive log bridge.  I thank them for their efforts. A few minutes later I stop to chat with some hikers. Although I need to keep making progress I chat with each group. Onward and down until I reach a flat trail. Push, push, push. I plan on stopping for lunch at the next water on the map, but I miss it. Finally I stop and when I start again I only have 4 more miles. Yea! I’ll make it. I get to the trail turn off and getting confused twice, but I finally get to Justin at about 3:15. We chat about all the experiences we’ve had since Pole Creek and tossing the food bag over the rushing rapids and narrowly making it. We drive to the campsite and it’s in a confusing set of curved roads so Justin agrees to drop me off at the trailhead tomorrow morning. I’ve got 16 miles with two big climbs so I’m taking my next dinner just in case I can’t make it. For tonight’s dinner Justin made pan spaghetti with meatballs which is tasty and nice. The mosquitoes are swarming here and we go to our individual tents. Justin above the Jeep and me in my tent next to him. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and that could be a problem. We shall see.

Another beautiful sunrise
Into the mountains I go again
Because the mosquitoes were swarming we ate our spaghetti dinner in the confines of the Jeep. Moments before this picture was taken clumsy me accidentally spilled Parmesan Cheese all over the center console (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)