Supported hiking

This is a first. My son offered to keep me safe and isolated during to the COVID-19 Pandemic while I hike so he’s going to support me. I will stay on the trail (not go into towns to keep them and me safe) whereas he’ll precede me to the next meeting point. He’ll carry all the resupplies along with a roof top tent and SHOWER – yup a 4.5 gallon pressurized water with a nozzle shower. He drove from California to Austin to pick me up. Also he got a COVID-19 test before he left, which was negative. Together we’ll drive to South Pass City WY where I’ll start hiking and he’ll drive to our next meet-up (see Plan). Hike, meet, repeat…

Just arrived in Austin with Columbus Autohone, the white clamshell attached to roof rack.
A test drive with his sweetheart a few days before with the roof tent popped up. They said the view is great from up there! (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
The shower is the black pipe (black to help with solar heating). It holds about 4.5 gallons of water with a spigot and nozzle at the end. The “T” in the middle is where you fill it with water and there is an air valve so you can pump it up for a pressured shower experience. Slick!
My son, Justin, standing under the shower nozzle shortly after assembling it and mounting it to the roof car rack. I think by now you should have gotten the idea that a supported hike is quite different than normal. (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)

3 thoughts on “Supported hiking”

  1. Awesome plan! You are one lucky guy to have a son who can support you like this. I presume you’ll be using your InReach so we can stalk you? Stay safe and enjoy!

    1. I know it – that I’m lucky to have a sweet son who wants to go on this adventure with me.

    2. And I’m using the InReach to mark my spot each night. Please stalk all you want by looking under the menu Where Am I.

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