5/17 mile 337.0 PieTown

I was just 20 miles from PieTown NM and I set it as my goal. As I hiked the skies looked more and more threatening. It got colder. It sprinkled a little, but I made it before it started to rain. Now it is even colder and the rain is constant. But I thought this was the desert. Who knew?

I’m now at Nita’s Toaster House. I’ve done all my chores, that is, I got my resupply and special request package. I got a shower, and washed my clothes. They are no longer stiff with sweat. My poison ivy rash looks worse without the dirt patina. I had a restaurant pulled-pork BBQ dinner and pie dessert. I mean I am in PIETOWN.

Now the big question… It is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow just like now. Several other hikers are going to take a zero. Should I do the same? What to do? What to do?

Also I have changed my route to do the Cebolla Alternative and reduce my distance to Grants NM from 130 miles to 85 miles. Several other hikers here are doing the same.

P.S. Hikers and others here at Nita’s Toaster House Hostel: Mark and David, two brothers traveling the Southwest, Footprint and Lola, Stummy and Masshole, who hiked the PCT in 2014. MIA: One-Pole who went to Reserve NM for his resupply; Moxie, where are you?

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  1. Hello Brian,
    You probably have poison ivy stuff with you. But if you have to use alternatives here are a few suggestions.

    Tea Tree Oil is a disinfectant and aids in skin healing. You don’t want to develop cellutitis because the poison ivy gets ahead of you.
    Witch Hazel relieves itching and burning.
    A Zinc based lotion helps with skin repair/healing.
    Aloe Vera gel/lotion also helps in skin healing. And if you see an aloe plant out there in the desert you can cut off piece, slit it open, and apply it to the poison ivy wound. This is also true for sunburn relief.

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