Starting ‘depot’ application from book

I read chapter 5 and then worked through the first part of the ‘depot’ sample in chapter 6. Everything went smoothly until the extra exercises at the end of chapter 6 called “Playtime”. The first extra was easy, but the second required me to use git to save my work. Here I tried to use Eclipse and its EGit, but when I tried to create a new repository my Eclipse session would hang. Ugh! After searching and searching I found out that using cygwin and putting c:\cygwin\bin in the path was a source of problem. It seems like all the tutorials out there start with an existing repository which was not my situation. I knew I didn’t have the “git” command installed under cygwin so I installed it with the hope that would fix things. Yup it did. And I was finally able to create a repository. Whew!

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