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April 26, 2005

Finished and Sent

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I finished and sent out the updated system design document. As a break I worked on some code a bit. Tomorrow I’ll begin the detailed component design document.

April 23, 2005

Docs and Code

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So on Tuesday at work I updated the system design document with some major changes that had been requested to it. In addition I had a bunch of review questions from the test group to do too. So I worked through midday Thursday. Then I switched over to doing some code. I know I shouldn’t, but I know what is to be done and how to do it. It would take me longer to explain to someone else than do it myself. Oh, and by the way, it was fun.

April 18, 2005

Not much at work

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I didn’t do much as work today. Monday morning is my time for doing administrative things like status reports, and timesheets. I thought I’d get into things in the afternoon, but I had more administrative stuff. So IMHO the day was a waste. I hope yours was better than mine. Wife told me that my daughter made the Deans list. Well that’s something to shout about. MOST EXCELLENT DARLING DAUGHTER!

April 17, 2005

All the previous things have now taken place

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All the previous things have now taken place. Kathy is home, the musical [Thoroughly Modern Millie] was fun, and Matthew and Beth have left for San Antonio and her parents home. I did my running, got a shower, had brunch, got a haircut (much needed IMHO), sold used books to the bookstore, bought some used books, went shopping, saw a movie, and in general took it easy. Oh did I mention that we got a phone call from our daughter, but then we get them once or twice a day every day and sometime we forget to mention them. Nevertheless it nice to hear that she is doing well. Today is yard work and purging stuff stored in the garage.

April 14, 2005

One more day

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I have one more day of quiet, and then my life gets a bit busier. Kathy returns, she and I go see a musical, Matthew and Beth stop by, so whole lotta stuff begins to happen…

April 13, 2005

He’s moving on…

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My eldest son has taken a new job at a media company. So he’s going to be moving from North Carolina to California. This is a big change, and a big adventure. But he’s young and will do great.

April 9, 2005

Parents Weekend 2

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Ran this morning the “Run thru the vines” 10K with Matthew. We completed it. Yahoo! Went to the BBQ with Beth, Becky and Tom, and filled our guts full of brisket, sausage and fixins. Then we all sat two hours watching and digesting lunch at the the Maroon & White football game. Finally we’re back at his apartment and he’s about ready to get rid of me, but I’ve got to buy at least one more meal and a movie ticket then he’ll kick me out. I’ll sleep in my comfortable bed at home this evening so that he can study tomorrow.

Parents Weekend

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So don’t try phoning home because I’m not there. I’m at Matthew’s this weekend. It’s parents weekend, and he’s being nice to me. Oh yeah, I’m paying for everything so that’s why he’s nice to me. Also I met and had dinner with Matthew’s girlfriend Beth and her parents, Becky and Tom.

April 8, 2005


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I was at grocery store picking up a few things tonight. In the background music was playing. For as far back as I remember there has been music playing. I expect symphonic, big band, Benny Goodman, Sinatra, or other stuff. But tonight a Beatle’s song was playing. Now this struck me as different. The Beatles are now part of the day-to-day landscape of our lives. They, the Lovin’ Spoonful, the Herman’s Hermits, the Stones, and numerous others are now injected into our lifes in these subtle ways. The rock-and-roll revolution is now common place. And it unites my generation with my children’s and separates me from my parent’s generation.

April 4, 2005


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Spent most of the weekend doing taxes. It wasn’t feeding the program all the numbers that gets me so involved, it’s the sale of stock. It seems that last year I sold more stock that I expected and it calculating the basis that is the most time consuming thing. Hopefully I did it right, but in any case I tried. Well not to worry, it’s over now. I’ve submitted it electronically to the IRS, so it’s up to them now.

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