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December 4, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

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Yesterday night Kathy and I attended The Pioneer Woman’s book signing for her Cook Book at Book People here is Austin.

Captured and cropped frame taken with iPod Nano video camera
I’m been reading and enjoying her blog for about a year ever since Stephanie told me about her. I like how she adoringly writes about her husband, AKA Marlboro Man, especially when he is wearing his chaps – I gotta get me some of those – yeehaw! What surprised me was that three of Kathy’s friends and co-workers read her blog too. Several asked Kathy to buy a cook book and get it signed for them. Jokingly I said that in payment they should not only reimburse us for the cost of the book, but we should also require payment in one cooked item from the book. Janet E was already there when I arrived a few hours before the signing. After her talk Kathy and I were waiting in line with hundreds of other women and they most probably thought I was here to support Kathy by carrying her cook books, whereas in reality I was the blog reader and Kathy was here supporting me and her friends. Some of the women knew I read her when I began to chat with a few of them about her recent hair color change from red to brunette. What was special was that her entire family was there too – husband, and four children, sister, and I think BIL. When we got up to her we mentioned that Justin, our son, and Stephanie, his darling girlfriend, worked for Federated Media, and she knew exactly who Federated Media was, but unfortunately didn’t know them, but that is expected since they’re involved with technology and marketing and not author relationships. Nevertheless, what fun!

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