Installed Eclipse Java IDE

I recently bought Agile Web Development with Rails by Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, and David Heinemeier Hansson, et al.

So this morning I followed their Chapter 1 installation instructions using the RubyInstaller on Windows. This included installing SQLite and then using gem to install the SQLite bindings. Finally I used gem to install Rails. All very straight forward.

Next I downloaded from the latest Eclipse Java IDE (3.6 Helios) for MS 32-bit Windows. My current Java is 1.6.0_24 so that should be OK. I renamed my old 3.2 Eclipse directory to C:\eclipse_OLD_3.2 and I installed the new one by unzipping it into my C: drive on Windows as the C:\eclipse directory. When I started it up I pointed it to my old workspace C:\EclipseWorkspace. Then I updated it to include both the C/C++ and Ruby development support. I know that the Agile book doesn’t use an IDE, but I just wanted to try it.

I also made a small donation to to become a Friends of Eclipse which I feel I am. Even though it enables me to get an early copy of the next release, Indigo, I did it because I’ve been a user for years and it’s really helped me write both Java, and C/C++. Basically I’m an Eclipse junkie.

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