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May 22, 2011

First ‘demo’ Ruby on Rails application

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Today using the book, I followed along in chapter 2 and got the first ‘demo’ application working. I even did all of the extras at the end of the chapter – woohoo. To start I created an empty Eclipse Ruby project named ‘demo’ (this was not in the book, but was a good guess). Next I used the command line for the generation of the basic application ‘cd <my-workspace>; rails new demo’. Note: my first generation attempt was in the demo directory which created a sub-directory named demo – oops, needed to move up one directory. My second attempt was in the workspace directory and that worked and didn’t clobber any of the other Eclipse projects in the workspace. Then, as requested, I started the internal server on the command line: ‘rails server’. Finally I used Eclipse for the navigation and editing of the files (again this was not in the book, but worked quite well for me) and I used my browser to access the web application (as directed). All seemed to go smoothly which was encouraging. I ended by reading chapters 3 and 4 about the architecture of Rails application, and an introduction to the Ruby language. The former was obvious stuff for me, but the latter was a bit of detail that I’ll probably have to refer back to. So I’m doing it. Slow, but sure. Now on to their meatier application or so they say.

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