Continuing ‘depot’ application – 1

I’ll probably be continuing this ‘depot’ application a number of times since there are many chapters in the book that I’m following. So I’ve just finished Chapter 7 – Task B: Validation and Unit Testing. This included Validating and Unit Testing of Models. This also included the extras at the end of chapter, which included committing the changes to GIT and some additional validations. All of which were quite straight forward since I got GIT working during the last chapter. Doing the GIT work through Eclipse I had to do a separate “add” and then a “commit”. I couldn’t do a combined one, that is, git commit -a, or at least it wasn’t obvious through the Eclipse GIT interface.

Next completed Chapter 8 – Task C: Catalog Display and Chapter 9 – Task D: Cart Creation. After each I saved it in GIT. Not much more to say other than I’m getting full of technology, so this is the last chapter for this weekend. I’ll need to go back and review these chapters next weekend.

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