A typical weekend – somewhat

Friday night started by having Matthew come over from College Station. It seems that we have a “Matthew Magnet” and her name is Beth. We had a nice dinner out at Ka-Prow Pan-Asian Bistro around the corner from our house. Kathy and I were tired so we just headed home whereas Matthew and Beth went to the movies and saw “Saw III” – ugh. Saturday started with Kathy leaving all day to see International Quilt Festival in Houston with friends at 5:30 AM, and me doing my first Rogue Training Systems running class 10 mile long run at 6:30 AM. Matthew and Beth headed out at noon for Wurstfest in New Braunfels, TX where they sampled the beer – from what I hear a lot of beer. Afterward they stayed overnight in San Antonio at Beth’s home. With everyone away I watched the movie “Munich” on DVD and just relaxed. Kathy arrived after I had gone to bed. Sunday morning I woke early and watched the ING NYC Marathon online from NBC Sports / MediaZone.com which included the elite runners and Lance Armstrong. This was followed by another DVD movie “Syriana”. Both movies were a bit heavy and were downers. In the afternoon Matthew dropped off Beth and headed back to College Station for a Helpline shift. Beth and I went shopping for weekly groceries at HEB since she’s living with us. Sunday night we are all just relaxing and watching TV. This might now not be a typical weekend, but it was close.

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