Change of Pace – Phase II

I need to run fast. I need to run light. Yeah right. So in preparation for my third marathon I shaved my head today. It’s interesting to feel the cool breezes, and I’m so glad I’m no longer a fake redhead (or crushed garnet-head). So I’ve gone from a red-do to a no-do in two weeks. Will such changes ever stop? Yup – this is enough.

In the next one you can see my faint 3-inch circular scar from brain surgery above my right ear.
I’ve now taken up wearing a black ski hat to keep my head warm. I hope marathon day is warm or I’m gonna freeze. Now I’ve got every reason to run “screamingly” fast from start to finish, because I’m a lean mean running machine. Wish me luck!

3 Responses to “Change of Pace – Phase II”

  1. justin says:

    Very buddhist chic! That actually doesn’t look that bad, though you might need to find a brown or orange robe.

  2. Bri says:

    Ah, yes, little lotus blossum, I dreamt I wore a safron colored technical tee-shirt and running shorts for the marathon…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow Mr. Watt you’re look’n pretty tough – the scar is definately a nice added touch – too bad what you had to go through to earn it. Well, I like my brown flowing locks, so don’t expect me to follow in your footsteps. Have a good week and see you Wednesday!!!

    Chris Gardner